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DryCreek's Seein Is Believin

Our Quintessential Perfect Girl

Ripley is out of our Sava and our Grace.   Her temperament combines the best of the two.  Ripley is the mother of Tommy, Hanna, Phoenix and Jack.  She also reminds me a lot of her grandmother, Sassy.  She tuned 9 years old on April 10, 2013.  Like Sava, Ripley is an absolute pleaser, loves people and never causes issues with other dogs.  Like Gracie, she has beautiful style while on point and is as honest as the day is long.  She has produced beautiful and talented dogs, one of which is our Tommy, who has proven himself in both Conformation Show and Field.   

We realized just how stylish Ripley was on point when we went to work dogs with Bill Gibbons in the White Mountains of Arizona.  At 14 weeks, we put her in the field not knowing what she would do.  She amazed us all not only with her intensity and style but also with her unbelievable focus.  She simply would not stop hunting so we finally had to pick her up.  Every morning, Robert and I would go to a different training area and release 24 quail out of a call-back and let Ripley hunt.  The puppy never lost her focus and pointed with style every quail she would scent.  She was amazing to watch.  On one occasion, we joined the big dogs in training.  Ripley's job was to stay under the Quail call-back and scare the birds trying to get back into the box back out into the training area.  After about 10 minutes of this, she decided that she needed to be out with the two big dogs so out there she went, finding birds the two GSPs missed.  Of course she was lower to the ground and scent .  After Ripley's second litter and just 3 single points shy of her Field Championship, I made the decision to spay her - a mistake I will never make again.  She lost her competitive edge and I took her out of the field.  Today, she is totally pampered at home and every bit as loved.

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