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DryCreek Vizslas produces high-class bird dogs for companion hunting, field competition and conformation showing.  But most of all we produce loyal friends and family members.

Located on two acres in Sonoma County, DryCreek Vizslas operates a very selective and well researched breeding program.  We are among a relatively small group of Vizsla breeders in Northern California.  DryCreek Vizslas rarely produces more than one litter of puppies per year and we often skip a year or two.   The reason?  Our intention is not to produce litters just to sell puppies.  We breed with the intention of keeping a puppy out of each litter and then place the remaining puppies into qualified homes. Put simply we have skin in the game with every litter we produce.

Our heart is in the field.  Our dogs participate in AKC field trials (both horseback and walking), American Field events and AKC hunting tests. To successfully participate or compete, dogs must possess the entire package; field desire, good conformation and great temperaments.  Field is the only AKC venue where two dogs compete together while off lead.  Good temperaments are table stakes in these events. If a dog is excused due to temperament issues, it is not allowed to compete again.  Excellent conformation is a must as well.  Conformation issues will become problematic when competing because they create physical resistance, causing the dog to tire too early resulting in a lackluster performance. We also participate in AKC Conformation showing.


Every stud dog selected to sire a DryCreek litter of puppies has been thoughtfully researched.  In most cases we have personally observed the dog's field performance and we have placed our hands on the dog to evaluate soundness.  We tend to like outcross breedings or distant line breedings because they go further to guarantee healthy dogs.  Inbreeding (unethical) and tight line breeding tend to double up on any health issues or undesired traits within a breeder's line or genetic pool.  ​Our sires have come from New York, Chicago and Kansas.  It is more costly to use a dog that is not local but we have found this choice has produced better and more competitive dogs for us.


We have heard statements that field dogs do not do well in the house because they are hyper.  This is simply not true.  A Vizsla is a high energy dog - not a hyperactive dog.  There is a distinct difference. But be aware, there are hyper Vizslas out there. And know that hyper parents produce hyper puppies.  DryCreek Vizslas have a distinct on and off button.  They perform outside when expected and then come in and lay on the couch or on a dog bed while in the house.​ 

DryCreek Vizslas is a member in good standing of the Vizsla Club of America (VCA), the Northern California Vizsla Club (VCNC) and the National Vizsla Association (NVA).  Nancy has served on the VCA Field Advisory Commitee for 4 years and Vice President and Board Member for the VCNC for over 6 years.  She also headed the VCNC Breeder Referral committee, which was established to promote ethical and responsible breeding of healthy purebred Vizslas. 


DryCreek Vizslas is among a small handful of quality Vizsla breeders in Northern California

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