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DryCreek's Pheonix

Our Ultra-Special Little Miracle Dog

Phoenix is one in a million.  He was born the tenth dog out of a litter of ten.  Incredibly small, weighing in at only 3 ounces (normal weight for a newborn puppy out of my line is around 13 - 14 ounces).  Phoenix was totally unresponsive, not breathing and blue.  Robert and I kicked in with the help of a vet on the phone.  We gave him high potent  vitamins and a shot to kick his lungs into gear.  The vet told me to give him the shot in his muscle.  Have you ever tried to find muscle in a puppy this small?  Nearly impossible.  I then performed puppy CPR, cleared his airway and wrapped him in a warm towel.  I rubbed him long enough to agitate him into breathing.  I then spent 2 weeks feeding him every two hours to make sure he received the nutrition he needed.  But it worked and Phoenix is here with us today.  We neutered him at 1 year of age because his testicles never dropped, making him a pet.  We decided to keep him because we had no idea what was in store for him.  We are so glad to have him.  Phoenix has turned into such a sweet natured special boy.  He worries over all of the other Vizslas.  If we trim nails or have to perform a minor procedure, Phoenix insists upon supervising.  He is a litter-mate brother to Hanna and Tommy.  He is out of our Ripley and FC 3xCH 2xRUCH Tommy Boy. 

DryCreek Vizslas is among a small handful of quality Vizsla breeders in Northern California

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