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DryCreek's Jack of Diamonds

Our Sweet Boy With A Ton Of Desire

Jack is out of our Ripley and Touchdown Kid.  He is a half brother to Hanna, Phoenix and Tommy.  Jack is as sweet as the day is long.  He loves people and has a special affection for his Dad.  Out of all of the Vizslas we have produced, Jack reminds me the most of his great grandfather, Sava.  At one, Jack went with a local field trainer and spent a year with him training and working in the field.  We brought him home for the summer but he will go back to finish his training.  We have chosen not to send Jack to the Midwest so that Robert and I can handle him ourselves in trials.  Additionally, we want to hunt with him during hunting season.  Jack will begin working towards his conformation title in July.  He is a beautiful boy so this should not take long.  Stay tuned for Jack's progress in show and field. 

DryCreek Vizslas is among a small handful of quality Vizsla breeders in Northern California

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