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DC AFC 1xCH DryCreek's Tommy By Tommy

Our once-in-a-lifetime Vizsla

Tommy will always be special - he is simply amazing.  He has excelled in virtually everything we have asked him to do.  Not only is he a beautiful boy, he is very talented in the field. He is also one of the sweetest Vizslas around. Because he is in field competition, he stays with his trainer/handler for the field trial season.  Each time he comes back home, he slips into the routine with the other dogs without skipping a beat.  He never needs to demand his place because he is comfortable with who he is.  I could never say enough good things about Tommy so I thought I would let his first trainer/handler of 4 years, Randy Barry, provide his assessment of him.  Randy sent a note to his new trainer/handler, Brian Gingrich, when I moved Tommy to the Midwest to compete.  Tommy is out of our Ripley and FC 3xCH 2xRUCH Tommy Boy. 



"I once told Nancy that her name may be on the papers and she may pay the bills, but Tommy was "My Boy".  As you are learning along with all his other good qualities, he is a yeoman, a buddy and a love.  I'm assuming Tommy is staying honest.  He just never made intentional mistakes.  He broke out easy, early and honest.  If he ever did anything wrong, it was always an honest mistake; not intentional.  What a pleasure to have a damn near totally honest honest dog".

"Tommy's pattern was best described by an experienced and well respected Shorthair guy from Washington.  Three of us were in Madras, Oregon; each running one dog in training - three dogs on the ground.  The Shorthair guy was just along to watch.  Tommy was always well forward and often not seen.  We found him several times by spotting another dog go on point; just to find the other dog actually honoring Tommy, who had obviously been there on point for sometime.  When one of the other handlers jokingly ask if Tommy would mind allowing their dogs to find a bird or two; the Shorthair guy said "That dog simply goes forward until he finds a bird".  With the realization that he is a true "bird dog" and goes to the right places that best describes his high desert run and pattern".

Tommy's accomplishments have been truly remarkable:

- All broke dog points earned in horseback field trials

- FC earned at 2.5 years of age competing in all breed trials

- AFC earned at 3.5 years of age competing in all breed trials

- #1 Vizsla Club of America open gun dog for 2010

- Northwest Field Trial Council top Vizsla for 2010

- Runner-up Champion 2011 American Kennel Club pointing breed gun dog championship

- 2013 Winner National Vizsla Association Shooting Dog Championship

- Conformation Championship earned in 4 shows - 3 majors - 2 majors earned at Vizsla specialties


DryCreek Vizslas is among a small handful of quality Vizsla breeders in Northern California

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