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CH DryCreek's Hanna Montana

Elegant And Talented

We call her Hanna, Hannie or Hanna Banana.  Hanna is out of our Ripley and FC 3xCH 2xRUCH Tommy Boy.  Both mom and dad are beautiful dogs so it  stands to reason that Hanna is also quite nice.  Hanna is a very classy and elegant girl.  Her movement is nice and her structure is sound.  She loves every part of life and approaches new events and people with ease.  She drips with self confidence and has passed this trait onto her puppies.  I loved watching Hanna in the show-ring.  Compared to most of the other dogs with their tails down, Hanna would always hold her tail high with a happy wag - no matter who was showing her or where I was standing.  She gets along with all dogs and rarely complains about anything. In the field, she exhibits a very fast and snappy movement.  She points with high style and intensity.  Hanna earned her FC and AFC puppy/derby points quickly.  

We placed her into training at 7 months of age.  Her handler was so impressed with her that he broke her to retrieve by the time she was 1 year of age - way too much pressure to place at such a young dog.  The first year should be unstructured and fun.  Since then, Hanna has objected to professional training.  So we have decided that we will hunt with her and not apply pressure.  And when she is ready, we will compete with her.

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