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CH Csardas Grace Under Fire MH

Our Intense Girl

We lost Gracie shortly after her 15th birthday.  She was a sister to Dolly out of a repeat breeding.  Sassy was Gracie's mother.  For Gracie, everything had to be her idea.  Beautiful puppy, I refused to let her go until the right person came along that wanted to do something with her.  Several people came along but none of them were interested in participating in any AKC venue.  She was so much more than a pet.  I needed another bitch like a hole in the head but I steadfastly refused to let her go.  At 12 weeks of age, we put a Duralon collar on her and named her Grace. She became a momma's girl. As a puppy, working in the field with her I initially called her "bump-and-chase" Grace.  She never wanted to rip a bird out - she just loved to make birds fly.  Then one day, she held point and I was thrilled.  She became a true honest dog, and would hold point for an eternity even while her handler's back was to her.  Her Arizona field trainer adored her - he said he had to earn her respect before she would allow him to be part on the team.  But once you were on her team, you were good.  Gracie went straight into the master hunt test level, earning her MH title in 6 straight passes - all with high marks. 

Gracie sailed through her show career as well.  A very pretty girl with a showy attitude.  And an entertainer.  I cannot say how many pockets of mine she chewed through looking for bait.  She would shove her head under the leg of my show shorts to get to my pockets and then produce a toothy grin.  The people watching thought she was quite hilarious. She made an amazing mom as well.  I called her Mommy Dearest because of the way she trained her puppies.  They would be in the backyard playing until all of a sudden Gracie appeared at the door.  Puppies would scatter looking for hiding spots because they knew she would catch the slowest one and begin to teach it manners and respect.  Once the lesson finished, she would play with the puppy, allowing it to do pretty much anything it wanted to do.  Gracie is the dog that I should not have kept but I am truly glad I did.  She pretty much owned her human mom throughout her life.  We miss Gracie terribly. 

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