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CH Csardas Classy Sassy ROM

The Elegant Girl Of Our Dreams

Sassy is the foundation bitch for DryCreek Vizslas.  She came to us at 2 years of age and I have to say that anyone who is concerned about a dog bonding with its new owner if it goes home after it turns 8 weeks - have no fear.  Sassy took over our home in less that 2 weeks.  Nobody could ever convince her that she lived someplace else for her first two years.  Sassy was quite the amazing little lady and a total love.  She would always lay with her front legs crossed and would wag her tail whenever Robert or I walked into any room she occupied.  I finished her in the conformation show ring within months of her coming to our home.  She went on to earn many Best of Breed awards - including the Cow Palace, the most prestigious show west of the Mississippi.  Sassy produced beautiful and talented dogs, placing her into the Vizsla Club of America's Registry of Merit in 2002 and on the Vizsla Club of America's top producer short list in 2001.  Both of these awards are based on the number and type of titles her puppies earned. 

Sassy produced a number of Show Champions, Senior Hunters, Master Hunters and Amateur field and field Champions.   One male out of Sassy became a Dual Champion (show and field), he won the Vizsla Club of America's National Field event.  He also won Best of Breed at the Vizsla Club of Northern California's specialty over many top show dogs from around the country.

We were very blessed to have Sassy in our lives - she was simply the best.  We owe everything we have to her.  Without Sassy, DryCreek Kennels would not exist. With the exception of Sava, Sassy is a part of every dog on this website.

DryCreek Vizslas is among a small handful of quality Vizsla breeders in Northern California

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