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DryCreek Vizslas

Welcome and thank you for visiting the DryCreek Vizslas website.  We have been selectively breeding quality Vizslas for almost 30 years. Our goal is to produce beautiful and healthy Vizslas for conformation, field and companionship.  We hope you enjoy our site and if you have a question, please submit it through the "contact us" page.

DryCreek Dogs

Each of our DryCreek Vizslas holds a special place in our hearts.  Some have excelled in AKC conformation showing, others in AKC and American Field field events and some have succeeded in both.  Family members are also highly titled in Agility and Obedience.


The Gallery provides pictures of the sires we have selected, extended family members and pictures of puppies DryCreek Vizslas has produced.  We also included pictures of our horses.  After all, they are important members of our family.  Without them, we could not participate in horseback field trials. 

DryCreek Vizslas is among a small handful of quality Vizsla breeders in Northern California

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