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DC DryCreek's Escape Velocity

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Amazingly tough little girl with a great temperament and a ton of prey drive

Born on December 05, 2013, Halley is our girl out of Hanna's second and last litter.  We selected Crimson's Twenty Guage Ruger as the sire for Hanna's final litter of puppies and are thrilled with every puppy that was produced.  I have Rita Martinez from Clickin Cainines evaluate the temperaments of my puppies and she helped me select Halley as the puppy I would keep for my purpose.  Halley is the mistress of hunt.  She spends her time hunting butterfiles in the backyard by day and moths by night.  I have to physically bring her into the house on hot days because she pays no attention to the heat.  Time to go to bed? I would have to physically bring her in from her nightly moth hunting.  This puppy has no fear.  I posted two videos on this page showing her chasing our weed whacker and another of her chasing our lawn tractor.  I cannot vacuum with her nearby because she wants to play with it.  I absolutely love her temperament. I also love that, like me, she is a tomboy.  Even better, her conformation is beautiful so she will also finish her championship in the show ring. 


Halley went to North Dakota for puppy summer camp with Brian Gingrich, who is happy with her.  She is having a great time while exceeding my expectations.  Below is Brian's early update: 


She's my biggest running puppy at camp! Definitely not the best listener :-).  I routinely lose her and have to go find her. She'll be coming along and then disappear in cover and then I find her 400-800 yards away doing her own thing. I've been using the beeper button on my e-collar with some success in controlling her.


Anyway, she likes birds a lot! And dragonflies, butterflies, ducks, dickie birds, & anything else that flies! LMAO.  She's definitely got potential for field trailing! Oh, I actually got her around the last time I ran her and had her the whole time! I was very proud of myself :-).

Fresh from training we entered her into the Southern California Vizsla Club specialty in Pasadena and she proceeded to take the points both days. Everybody wanted to know who she was and how a field dog beat their show dogs. We will get her back into showing so that she earns her championship in 2017 - 2018. UPDATE - Halley finished her show championship in July of 2019 at the Lone Cypress Vizsla Club specialty! She not only took Winner's Bitch, but she also was awarded Best Of Winners and Best Opposite Sex over bitch specials. She is our second Dual Champion (Field and Show) and we are thrilled. 


We are excited to see how this little girl continues to develop.  Update - Halley is burning it up in the field!  We could not be more thrilled.  Halley has earned her Field Championship title by winning in two stakes of over 23 dogs each. We knew it would happen given she placed in all puppy competitions that she has been entered into.  And at only 8 months old, she beat dogs that are 15 months old and have had significantly more training and exposure.  So she definitely has raw talent.  She is now placing in every Derby stake as well.  Halley is now being expertly handled by Randy Berry who also finished DC AFC 1xCH Drycreek'sTommy By Tommy. 

DryCreek Vizslas is among a small handful of quality Vizsla breeders in Northern California

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